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"Prioritizing and Managing Improvement Initiatives: 4 Steps That Drive Results"


Roberto Díaz

Please, I would like to see an example charter template. Txs.

Gravity Gardener

Chunking out a project can help you focus on certain areas to be completed and organize the tasks and activities into workgroups. These workgroups or phases can be a more effective approach in managing the entire project.

Some of the standard project phases can include:

1. Kickoff
2. Discovery
3. Scope definition
4. Development
5. Unit Testing
6. QA Testing
7. User Testing
8. Migration to Production

The phases listed above represent standard project phases that can be used for different implementations.The list can be expanded or broken down even further, depending on the type of project and the type of project you are managing. Slicing up a project into phases is a sound approach that keeps the overall project running smoothly.


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